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Our Executive members and volunteers can be contacted directly by e-mail, or you can contact us for general information. Use the form below the list of names to contact anyone directly.

TMAC Officers
Pam O'DayPresident
Diane MathieuVice President
Steve BassonTreasurer
Lynette BresnhanSecretary
Karen ScottiMembership
Bob YoungDirector (thru 2015)
Gretchen WiedeDirector (thru 2015)
Martha DavisDirector (thru 2015)
Pam BurekDirector (thru 2016)
Nancy TriouDirector (thru 2016)
Eileen O'DonnellDirector (thru 2016)
Winter 2015 Trial
Gretchen WiedieChair
Spring 2015 Trial
June 2015 Trial
Pam O'DayChair
August 2015 Trial
Lynette BresnahanChair
Fall 2015 Trial
Bob YoungChair
November Cluster 2015
Steve BassonChair
Pam O'Day 
Jan Adams 
Diane MathieuBooks/Magazines
Lorna GodsillDVD's/Videos
TMAC Clothing
Louise Traska 
Service Hours
Eileen O'Donnell 

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