Membership Information


At the Board of Directors Meeting held January 11, 2003 @ 6:30pm

Frank Barton, as part of the Membership Report, proposed the following recommended change regarding a membership application date verses a membership acceptance date.

1. For those members who joined during the last four months of the club-year - the membership fee should apply as full payment toward the following club-year dues plus the remaining days of the current club year - from the date the member application is approved.

2. All applications with dues submitted between Feb. 1 and Sept. 30 would apply for the current club year.

This proposed policy is based only on the date the application and dues are submitted for consideration. It is not based on the date the applicant is approved/accepted by the board.

Basically, the new member potentially receives an additional 4 months of membership totaling 18 months membership for the price of a 12 month membership fee.

TMAC membership dues cover the club year beginning in February and are due on or before Feb. 1. Therefore in this proposal, when a person submits annual club dues with their membership application on or after October 1; upon their acceptance into the club, their dues would apply toward the remaining months of the current club year plus the following full club year.

FOR EXAMPLE: This year one member applied and was accepted on or after Oct. 1, 2002. Under this proposal, this membership would expire Jan. 31, 2004, and at that time would be asked to pay their next member dues for the club year Feb. 1, 2004 - Jan. 31, 2005.

This proposal was accepted by the Board on January 11, 2003 @ 6:30pm and will become effective immediately.

Frank Barton
Membership Chairperson 2002