Membership Information

Thinking about joining TMAC?

We are a group of agility enthusiasts centered in the greater Hartford area, but our membership stretches from the Connecticut coastline up to Central and Western Massachusetts.

Our primary function is to promote the sport of canine agility. We do that by holding trials, seminars, training sessions, run thrus, etc. throughout the year. TMAC also retains an extensive library of books, magazines and DVDs that members can borrow at no charge. We hold an annual banquet and awards ceremony to recognize our members for their hard work and commitment to The Club during the year.

While TMAC is a non-profit organization, we also recognize that we are in a position to help others. We have made generous donations to various canine health funds (Chase away Canine Cancer, AKC Canine Health Foundation, etc.), donated cooling vests to military dogs, and have donated several sets of oxygen masks to local fire departments for use with dogs and cats. We plan on continuing these types of efforts in the future as well.

Aside from the annual dues, to remain a member in good standing, we require members to have at least 8 (eight) volunteer hours every year.

Like any club or organization, what you get out is related to what you put in. TMAC is no different.

If you are interested in agility, TMAC could be the place for you. Our Membership Application is available on the links to the right, along with our membership fees.

Our fees are:

Individual $20/year
Senior (60 & over) $15/year
Junior (18 & under) $15/year
Family (2 or more people) $25/year
Senior Family (2 or more seniors) $20/year

If you would like more information on what TMAC has to offer, please click on Contact Us, and contact one of us. We would happy to discuss this with you.