By: Dr. Mike Lappin, DVM


Thermal Burn Symptoms:
Redness, blistering, charred skin, singed hair coat

First Aid Treatment:
1. If skin is broken and blistered, do not apply ice, water, or ointment!
2. DO apply sterile non-adherent bandage (second skin) and transport
3. If skin is not broken and blistered, apply ice packs or cold water compresses followed by an
anesthetic cream (lanacaine)

Chemical Burn Symptoms:
If fur present it may feel like thickened area under the hair coat - Animal may lick or scratch at the area - Skin may be red, blistered.

First Aid Treatment:
1. Flush areas with copious amounts of water (5 minutes!) even if the skin is broken
2. Water dilutes the chemical and helps to flush it away from the skin
3. Pad the area with wet gauze and transport ASAP
4. Try to ID the chemical
5. Do not apply topical meds
6. Do not let animal lick the area - it can lead to burns of the mouth and throat
7. If burn occurs near or in the eyes, flush with sterile saline (contact lens solution)