By: Dr. Mike Lappin, DVM


Avoid them! Keep a close eye on your animal using a leash except when working. Watch for the approach of other animals whose owners are not as watchful. Watch the behavior of the two animals! If a fight occurs, do not use your hands anywhere near the faces. Use a leash or strong stick: place it through the collar of the attacker and twist it so that the collar tightens. He will release his grip. Be prepared to quickly use the stick or a two hand strong arm to keep the animal from turning on you. Use the leash as a noose when one animal has a vice grip on another, shove a stick between his jaws. He will relax only for a moment at which time you must quickly pull him off.

First Aid Treatment:
1. Thoroughly go over the animal looking for punctures, tears, or matted fur
2. Clip the hair around the wounds
3. Scrub with a betadine type soap
4. Anything over 1/2 inch should be seen by Veterinarian
5. Bites on head, limbs, and genitalia or from a larger animal may have more serious
"crushing" injuries, which will severely damage underlying tissues
6. Have it checked out! Many doctors will prescribe antibiotics